Depression and fear dominate our lives. We live the disaster every day
People are wasting away,
slowly ground by machinery that runs on rivers of blood

Repetitive work day in day out to pay the rent for your suburban hell
Buy all the shitty things, you'll never need
They will make your life worth living

This way of life has nothing to do with self-determination or freedom
 It is more like enslavement, like living in a cage your whole life

Can you feel the nothingness just beneath your everyday routines?
 Have you ever been free in your worthless life?

Your small scale disasters are moments of liberation for me
They disrupt the great disaster, that we call existence

This aching mind will always be mine
Can you find the strength to liberate yourself?
We waste our lives within the full-scale slow-motion train wreck
that is our society
Embrace your ultimate urban nightmare.