Hey, Samantha
Let's swallow all the lightbulbs in the living room
And spit shine our shoes
So when our necks break
And our heads snap loose
We can see the clouds in the tips of our boots

Hey, Samantha
Preservative sun showers trickle down
We stick our tongues out and tip the cows
Altar boys curb stomp the mall Santa Claus
Wearing high heels 'cause the TV's unplugged
Oh, what a strange salvation
Bong water transubstantiation

Hey, Samantha
Let's trespass vacant properties
We claim are our bodies
There are birds on telеphone lines
Wherе your heart's supposed to be
All in even rows
But no electricity flows

Hey, Samantha
Hey, I know we're not holding our breath
I can't breathe, you can't breathe
We'd see seaweed if we'd open our eyes